Johnson jokes end zone drop a blessing

Buffalo Bills receiver Steve Johnson dropped by the NFL Network studios for a sitdown interview.

"Total Access" host Rich Eisen asked Johnson to replay the infamous overtime end-zone drop against the Pittsburgh Steelers and his tweet to God afterward.

"Actually, he DM'd me," Johnson said, tapping Eisen on the knee. "He just told me 'I did this for a reason. I did this to get that Crimson Elephant,' Marcell Dareus."

The Bills used the third overall draft choice on Dareus, the defensive lineman from Alabama. Had the Bills beaten the Steelers, they would've drafted sixth at best. Who knows if a victory over the Steelers would've given them a boost in other games?

Johnson also reiterated his praise for Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as next season's starter and gave his thoughts on head coach Chan Gailey moving forward.

"We'll be a team to turn a corner," Johnson said. "I can't say we'll go out there and have this many so-and-so wins, but I know we can do that.

"Gailey gives us confidence because nobody else wanted us. There were plenty of coaches that could've came, but Gailey took that chance and came to coach us. We have to be there and go to war for him."