Stop to consider Vince Young on your team

As we await the lockout's merciful conclusion, a commonly discussed topic is what Team X will do at quarterback.

Several clubs, including the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, went into the draft with perceived quarterback needs and didn't pick up any significant help.

The most frequently discussed answers are Carson Palmer, Kyle Orton, Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck and Kevin Kolb. Often overlooked in the conversation is a lightning rod with talent.

Jonathan Comey of ColdHardFootballFacts.com presents a strong case that former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young deserves more consideration -- maybe the most of all the veteran options.

Comey's bullet points on Young:

  • Former No. 3 overall pick after brilliant college career.

  • Career .638 winning percentage as an NFL starter.

  • Coming off seasons in which he went 12-6 as a starter; the other guys who started for Tennessee went 2-12.

  • Competitive, above-average passer rating of 84.9 from 2008-10.

  • NFL's second-best running quarterback, and still in his athletic prime.

  • Two-time Pro Bowler.

  • Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2006.

The Titans already have publicly stated they'll unload Young. That's a buyer's proposition. As such, Comey contends Young would be a "dream commodity," a low-risk, high-reward player.

Comey uses data and sound reasoning to make a compelling statement about Young's value.

Young still has upside, should feel like he has something to prove and can be had in a trade for a discount. If the Titans can't trade Young and are forced to release him, then he wouldn't be in position to demand a big salary.