Little love for AFC East running backs

The AFC East isn't a high-quality running back division.

That's not a new concept on this blog. When ESPN.com's Power Rankings panel voted on the NFL's best running backs in mid March, LaDainian Tomlinson was the lone AFC Easterner to get mentioned on a ballot -- at 10th, no less. Almost two months ago, we shared Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson's evaluations of AFC East backfields, where he apologized for putting the Buffalo Bills on top.

NFL.com senior analyst Pat Kirwan took his turn at rating the best backs, breaking down the best 45 in five-man sets and giving them an up, down or even marker for 2011.

Kirwan couldn't name an AFC East player until Group D, listing New England Patriots battering ram BenJarvus Green-Ellis there and holding steady.

Buffalo running back Fred Jackson was in Group E and trending even. Kirwan ranked Jackson one group behind former mate Marshawn Lynch, now of the Seattle Seahawks. Tomlinson also was in Group E, but trending down.

Group F had Jets running back Shonn Greene, the only AFC East back to make the list and trend upward.

In Group G we find Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown, declining. Kirwan stated Brown is best suited for a team looking for a backup who can provide 10 carries a game.

And that was it. No C.J. Spiller. No Danny Woodhead. No Ricky Williams.

But the likes of Tim Hightower, Mike Tolbert and rookie Ryan Williams made the cut. The Saints had four running backs on the list, including rookie Mark Ingram.

What do you think?