A look at 10 careers in the balance

ESPN.com senior writer Jeffri Chadiha examines the top 10 players at a crossroads.

All of the players on the list play offensive skill positions: six receivers, three quarterbacks and a running back. Free agent receiver Plaxico Burress is atop the chart, and some players with AFC East ties are right behind him.

Former New England Patriots receiver Randy Moss comes in at No. 4. Chadiha writes Moss still can stretch defenses, but "can be insufferable" and "toxic" and "cancerous." The St. Louis Rams, where Josh McDaniels is offensive coordinator, could be a fit.

Right behind Moss on the list is receiver Terrell Owens, who bounced back from a disappointing Buffalo Bills season in 2009 to post remarkable numbers with the Cincinnati Bengals. Because Owens has been on his best behavior two years in a row, Chadiha predicts T.O. will get another shot as somebody's No. 2 receiver.

Braylon Edwards, whose contract with the New York Jets is up, was No. 9 in the column, but Chadiha predicts Edwards will remain a target for Mark Sanchez.