Mayo, Posluszny, Scott near automatic

Three of the NFL's surest tacklers resided in the AFC East last season.

Football Outsiders charted broken tackles and found the trio of New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo, Buffalo Bills linebacker Paul Posluszny and New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott were given the slip a total of six times.

Mayo was responsible for one broken tackle against 118 successful tackles for a failure rate of 0.8 percent. That was second to only Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews, who Football Outsiders didn't catch with any broken tackles.

Posluszny had three broken tackles, but with 114 takedowns, he tied Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison for sixth with a 2.6 percent inefficiency rate. Posluszny had just three broken tackles in 2009, too.

Ball carriers broke two of Scott's tackles. He made 62 tackles, giving him a 3.1 percent inefficiency rate. That placed him eighth on the list of best stoppers.

Football Outsiders also revealed the worst tacklers, but nobody from the AFC East appeared on either the overall competence list or among those who allowed 10 or more broken tackles.

Specifically among defensive backs, however, Miami Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis was fourth in terms of inefficiency. Davis allowed nine broken tackles. With 44 successful tackles, ball carriers broke free 17 percent of the time.

Buffalo safety Donte Whitner ranked sixth on the good side. He had four broken tackles, 105 tackles and a 3.7 percent inefficiency rate.

As a reminder, tackles are not official NFL stats and will vary, depending on the evaluator. Tackle numbers that appear on NFL.com come from the game books produced immediately after a game. Teams keep internal tackle stats while reviewing their game film and treat them as numbers of record.