How well do AFC East receivers rate?

Brandon Marshall supporters have been disappointed in seeing time and again how the Miami Dolphins receiver is rated around the league.

The NFL Network's list of "The Top 100: Players of 2011" had Marshall rated 61st overall and 12th among receivers. ESPN.com's fantasy football analysts rated Marshall the 23rd-best receiver.

NFL.com senior analyst Pat Kirwan has been ranking the best players by position and recently slotted the 50 most talented receivers. Kirwan broke down his list in five-man groups and gave each receiver an up, down or holding steady marker for 2011.

Marshall and New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes landed in the "C" group, rating them somewhere between 11th and 15th.

He had Holmes and Marshall trending even. Kirwan noted Holmes' off-field issues and could have done the same for Marshall, but instead focused on how Marshall's yards after catch dropped from 527 yards in 2009 to 238 yards last season.

Kirwan placed New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker in the "D" group and had him trending downward. Welker was the lone Patriot on the list, while the other AFC East teams landed two apiece.

Also appearing on the rundown were Braylon Edwards (holding steady) and No. 33 Lee Evans (trending down) in the "G" group, Steve Johnson (trending up) in the "H" group and No. 46 Davone Bess (holding steady) in the "J" group.

In case you were wondering, Randy Moss was in the "F" group and trending down. Kirwan wrote "It might be all over for the guy who played for three teams a year ago. ... I will give him the benefit of the doubt."