Pick one: Burress, Moss, Ochocinco or T.O.

In ESPN.com's latest "Hot Button" debate, senior writer John Clayton and Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson stated the case for which controversial receiver would be worth the risk in 2011: Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss, Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens?

MossMossOwensOwensMoss and Owens are longtime rivals who rank among the top eight in career catches, yards and receiving touchdowns and have passed through the AFC East.

It just so happens a couple of AFC East clubs, the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, could be in the market for receiver help.

Clayton prefers Moss:

Why Randy Moss? The answer is speed. Moss may have a reputation of taking a few plays off when things get tough, but he can still get off the line of scrimmage and get downfield. Moss admittedly made the mistake of talking himself off the New England Patriots' roster, but there are still enough big plays left in his 6-foot-4 body to help an offense.

Williamson sides with Owens:

Owens is a very big, strong body and keeps himself in tremendous shape. More than the other receivers mentioned, Owens fits any offensive scheme that he might go to for the 2011 season. He can run short, quick-hitting routes like slants and is a handful to get to the ground after the catch. He can still get deep and use his size and ability to make big plays downfield.

If you had to add one of those receivers to your favorite team, who would be your pick? You can click on the above link and place your vote, or you can debate that question in the comments section under this article.