Joining the AFC East party!

I'm the new Rex Ryan. Or Derrick Mason. Or Chad Ochocinco.

Soon I will be leaving the AFC North to take over as the new AFC East blogger.

Hello. I'm James, the new guy in town. I spent the past three seasons writing about the Steelers, Ravens, Browns and Bengals for ESPN.com. In that span I covered two Super Bowls in three years. Thank me later when my good luck propels one of your AFC East teams to the big game this season.

As I mentioned in the AFC North blog, the switch will not happen overnight. I will go back and forth between divisions until the changeover is complete.

But in the meantime, I want to know about you. Tell me about the AFC East community and what you expect from the AFC East blog. Share your thoughts below or send them to my personal inbox. I will read every comment I receive this weekend.

It's been pretty dormant around here lately. I came to spice things up -- like Ryan did in New York and like Ochocinco may do with the Patriots if Bill Belichick allows it.

I look forward to joining the AFC East party!