Aaron Maybin: Bills bust, Jets treasure?

Just three week ago draft bust Aaron Maybin reached a new career low. The Buffalo Bills, who went 4-12 last season, gave up on their former first-round pick and released Maybin after two unproductive seasons.

But several weeks later Maybin is on the verge of a stunning turnaround. The New York Jets signed Maybin several days after his release. Now, he's on the 53-man roster of a team that was one quarter away from the Super Bowl last season.

Maybin isn't in the clear yet. New York might still add free agents or waiver-wire pickups in the next few days, which would put his status in jeopardy. But it's obvious the Jets see something in Maybin that the Bills never did.

The question is, what is it?

Is Maybin a better fit in Rex Ryan's defense? Is Maybin finally motivated after getting released? Can a change of scenery help that much?

I was recently in Baltimore Ravens training camp and talked to receiver Lee Evans, who is Maybin's former teammate in Buffalo. Evans, an eight-year veteran and consummate professional, said he believes Maybin's maturity is finally getting to where it needs to be.

There are no guarantees in the NFL. Maybin might get cut before the Jets' Week 1 game against the Dallas Cowboys. But Maybin making New York's 53-man roster after Buffalo gave up on him a few weeks prior is a feat in itself.