Getting to know the AFC East community

You spoke. I listened.

Thanks for the hundreds of responses and comments over the weekend about the AFC East. Now, I have a much better feel for our community heading into the regular season.

Here were some common themes from AFC East fans:

1. The Bills and Dolphins deserve equal coverage

This was the No. 1 topic among AFC East readers. Even some Patriots and Jets fans believed the other half got the short end of the stick this summer. That will change. I've only been around a few days, but I sense there are no weak fan bases in the AFC East. Everyone is eager to read about their teams and that's great to hear. We will get back to more balanced coverage with the Bills, Dolphins, Jets and Patriots.

2. Be fair, unbiased

I think this goes without saying, but it was mentioned a lot. Readers from the AFC North will tell you I run a "zero homerism blog." My approach is pretty simple: If your team is winning, I explain all the reasons why. If your team is losing, I explain why as well. There will be times when you will love and hate what I have to say about your favorite team. That will be based on your team's performance. Try not to kill the messenger.

3. Mark Sanchez versus Chad Henne debates are polarizing

This must be the AFC East version of Troy Polamalu versus Ed Reed. I've dealt with the "Troy Reed" debate for three years in the AFC North blog. Some AFC East fans said avoid the "Mark Henne" debate at all cost. Others said it's a fun way to get people talking. I will have to feel this one out. Truth be told, I tend to find humor in things like this and can probably find creative ways to compare the two quarterbacks. I may try something early to see if our community likes it. If not, we will keep it moving.

4. Communicate through different mediums

AFC East fans are computer savvy and want to stay connected to their teams in multiple ways. I'm heavy on Twitter (soon to be espn_afceast). I have a lot of fun there when I'm not writing blogs. I do some Facebook, as well. I also plan to drop by the comment section sometimes to chop it up. According to many AFC East readers, the chats seem to be a big deal. They're like weekly events. I had no idea until this weekend.

Finally, here's a quick update: I'm in the process of moving from Cleveland to Miami this week and won't be around as much. I will write occasionally in the AFC East and AFC North blogs when possible. But much of this week will consist of traveling, loading and unloading boxes.

Wish me luck with my relocation.