Remember last week? Bills edition

Last week was a warning shot. This week we're naming names.

Here were some comments from our AFC East community about the Buffalo Bills (3-0) leading up to Sunday's game against the New England Patriots (2-1).

  • Bosoxman04 writes: "Bills are going to get beaten down tomorrow. New England always owns them. I predict that the floodgates open with this loss leading Buffalo to a 7-9 record. Sorry, I call'em like I see'em."

  • Beefstick34 writes: "As the sign that hangs in the Patriots' locker room reads, 'Every Battle Is Won Before It's Fought.' This battle is no different. Patriots 45, Bills - 27."

  • Canesfan writes: "It's hilarious that everyone thinks Buffalo is good for beating an Oakland and KC team, two teams obviously not good. Patriots win, 42-0."

  • Iam_jtorres via Twitter writes "Bills get crushed 38-10. Same old bills come back this game."

  • glculver15 writes: "Hahahaha...Pats, 41-14."

  • JNisula via Twitter writes: "Pats by 8,000." (Wow.)

  • 66DavePats1 writes: "The Bills are a nice story and have great fans but it ain't happening this week vs. Brady & Co."

  • Patriotsnut83 writes: "I am beginning to see a battle of the undefeated teams in the AFC East when the Patriots and Jets clash."

  • Vurbill99 writes: "Any given Sunday, but I'd be very surprised and disappointed if the Patriots didn't win this game by 2 touchdowns."

  • JetSettingFan: "Patriots better preserve their bodies in preparation for Week 5."

Remember last week?