Sanchez-Fitz-Moore Watch

With the Bills in a bye, Mark Sanchez took the top spot over Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Moore. US Presswire

We continue our "Sanchez-Fitz-Moore Watch," as two of the three quarterbacks were in action.

Here is how we grade their performances in Week 7:

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

Result: W, 27-21 against Chargers

Stats: 18-of-33, 173 yards, three TDs, one INT

QBR: 71.2

Analysis: New York is back to its ground-and-pound offense. As a result, Sanchez is looking better the past two weeks. Sanchez threw a season-high three touchdowns -- all to receiver Plaxico Burress -- and engineered a second-half comeback from 11 points down against the Chargers. Sanchez, at this stage of his career, is not a quarterback who can throw 40 times a game and consistently be successful. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as New York's defense and running game makes up for it.

Walker's grade: B+

Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins

Result: L, 18-15 against Broncos

Stats: 22-of-33, 197, one TD

QBR: 20.9

Analysis: In my opinion, Moore played a little better than his QBR suggests. Moore moved the offense most of the game and even got Miami a red-zone touchdown -- finally -- in the second quarter. He wasn't terrible, but he failed to come through in the clutch. Moore's late fumble in overtime hurt his QBR and set up Denver's game-winning kick.

Walker’s grade: C+

This week’s winner: Sanchez (three points)

Second place: Moore (two points)

Overall standings (second quarter)

First: Sanchez (nine points)

Second: Ryan Fitzpatrick (six points)

Third: Moore (three points)

Sanchez has taken the lead in the second-quarter standings, which will wrap up soon. We will have more on the "Sanchez-Fitz-Moore Watch" next week.