Scouts Inc. on Chad Ochocinco

Former Pro Bowl receiver Chad Ochocinco is off to the worst start of his career in his first season with the New England Patriots. He only has nine catches for 136 yards.

OchocincoOchocincoNew England hopes the bye will help Ochocinco play better the rest of the season. But will it happen?

We check in with our resident scout -- Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. -- to get his take on Ochocinco's potential with the Patriots.

"I never liked the move, because he's not a disciplined enough player for New England's passing scheme. [Quarterback Tom] Brady has such a comfort level with his guys, because he always knows where they're going to be. The receivers may not be the most talented guys in the world. But a Deion Branch, Wes Welker and those type of guys are always where they need to be, and Ochocinco never is. He's like the opposite. So I never understood that, except New England got him for nothing. So it was worth the risk. Many thought when the deal was made that he was going to be New England's Randy Moss -- Ochocinco was going to blow the top off the coverage, be their fast guy and throw a couple bombs to him every week to open up the field. But he's not that guy anymore. They don't throw bombs to Ochocinco. He isn't a burner. That's not who he is, and he's not really good after the catch, either. And it's not like you can get the ball to him quick, like Welker, and he will make a guy miss. No. 85 doesn't like contact and he's not going to run anybody over. So I just don't know how he fits. He's still a good player. But he's so far down the pecking order that people would have to get hurt for him to step up."