How Matt Forte impacts Fred Jackson

The similarities between Matt Forte and Fred Jackson are stunning.

Both are great running backs having career years. Both are underrated, underpaid and feel underappreciated by their organizations.

The same quotes Forte said about the Chicago Bears this week, you can imagine Jackson thinking the same about the Buffalo Bills.

"I know I'm loyal to my teammates and my team are my guys, but it doesn't seem like the organization is to me," Forte said Tuesday. "But that doesn't keep me from going out on the field and putting my best out there."

But one of the few differences -- age -- is where Forte's situation could impact Jackson the most. Forte is 25, five years younger than Jackson (30). And if Chicago is unwilling to give its star running back in his prime a contract extension, why should Buffalo? This is especially the case since Jackson still has one year left on his contract.

It's a bad time to be a running back in the NFL. The position isn't as valuable as it once was in this new, pass-happy NFL.

Tennessee Titans tailback Chris Johnson got his money this offseason by claiming the overall "playmaker" role. His poor season isn't helping convince other teams to pay its star running backs like Forte and Jackson.