Scouts Inc.: Bills' O vs. Jets' D

The Buffalo Bills (5-2) will host the New York Jets (4-3) in the game of the week in the AFC East. One of the key matchups will be Buffalo's high-scoring offense against the talented defense of New York.

Can Buffalo score 20 points or more for the eighth consecutive game? We check in with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to examine the strengths and weaknesses.

"One thing the Jets are very adapt to doing is going with a lot of defensive backs. When they played the Patriots, sometimes you saw seven defensive backs on the field. Nobody else tries that stuff. And you know the Bills are going to be in three-wide [receiver sets]. Steve Johnson is Buffalo’s best receiver, but he’s been slowed lately. I think Darrelle Revis completely takes him out of the equation. That matchup really favors the Jets. But the guy I don’t think New York can account for all that well is Fred Jackson. He’s a problem for everybody right now. He does everything so well that I don’t know what the Jets’ answer is for him. By Jets’ standards, the run defense has not been great. One thing I noticed is they are worse on the edges. I think losing Bryan Thomas hurt a lot there, because he was a real solid edge player who kept everything inside. I think they got a lot weaker on the perimeter."