Pats-Jets II: Revisiting Revis vs. Welker

Want to hear a crazy statistic?

New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker is on pace for 132 receptions, 1,920 yards and 12 touchdowns this season.


Enter Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets -- the best cornerback in the NFL. Revis mostly will be responsible for slowing down Welker, who leads the league in receiving. Jets head coach Rex Ryan used Revis a lot on Welker in the first game, which New England won, 30-21.

Round 1 went to Welker.

Now only New England get the win, but Welker had a good day. He caught five passes for 124 yards. Most of his yards came when he beat zone coverage by Revis and safety Eric Smith for a 73-yard reception. Outside of one big play, Welker had just four catches for 51 yards.

Expect New York to put even more emphasis on slowing Welker in the rematch. In the first meeting the Jets mixed it up with mostly Revis, but also some coverage by Kyle Wilson and Donald Strickland in the slot. I think New York should keep Revis on Welker on nearly every play and see if someone else for New England can beat the Jets.

It also helps that New England's offense has struggled lately. Surprisingly the Patriots haven't scored more than 20 points since Week 5.

Revis vs. Welker is one of the biggest chess matches to watch between the Jets and Patriots. The winner of Round 2 has a good chance to lead their team to victory and first place in the AFC East.