Sanchez-Fitz-Moore Watch

Mark Sanchez's poor performance against New England leaves the race wide open. US Presswire

Does anyone want to be the No. 2 quarterback in the AFC East?

Things are getting really interesting in our weekly "Sanchez-Fitz-Moore Watch." The overall quarterback play in the division hasn't been very good. That makes the start of our third quarter wide open to determine the second-best quarterback in the division.

Here is our quarterback grades for Week 10:

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

Result: L, 37-16 against New England Patriots

Stats: 20 of 39, 306 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions

QBR: 26.3

Analysis: Sanchez failed to produce through the air against the NFL's worst pass defense. The Jets went away from their ground-and-pound and allowed Sanchez to throw 39 times. He was inaccurate, not efficient and was rushed into making big mistakes. Sanchez's pick-six in the fourth quarter sealed the game for New England. You can't blame everything on Sanchez. His protection wasn't very good. He was sacked five times. But on at least two of those sacks, Sanchez didn't have a feel for his blindside and could have done a better job getting rid of the football.

Walker's grade: D+

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills

Result: L, 44-7 against Dallas Cowboys

Stats: 21 of 31, 146 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions

QBR: 28.1

Analysis: Fitzpatrick has played awful the past two weeks. It's poor timing after he just signed a $59 million contract with the Bills. The bar has been raised for Fitzpatrick, who has thrown five interceptions the past two games. The expectation is that he performs well on a consistent basis, which is equal to the expectations for other franchise quarterbacks. I'm not sure how Fitzpatrick got a better QBR than Sanchez this week. Fitzpatrick made fewer plays and never gave his team a chance after falling behind 28-7 at halftime.

Walker's grade: F

Matt Moore, Miami Dolphins

Result: W, 20-9 against Washington Redskins

Stats: 20 of 29, 209 yards, one interception, one fumble

QBR: 53.2

Analysis: Moore made a couple turnovers that kept the Washington Redskins in the game until the fourth quarter. But overall Moore was efficient and made some nice throws. He is 2-0 in his past two starts for the Dolphins. He’s not Miami’s long-term solution at quarterback. But right now he's playing like the second-best quarterback in the AFC East.

Walker's grade: B-

This week’s winner: Moore (3 points)

Second place: Sanchez (2 points)

Third place: Fitzpatrick (1 point)

Overall standings: Third quarter

1. Moore (3 points)

2. Sanchez (2 points)

3. Fitzpatrick (1 point)

Is Moore really the No. 2 quarterback in the division behind Tom Brady? Tune in next week as the "Sanchez-Fitz-Moore Watch" continues to unfold.