Walker's AFC East picks

Ok, I finally gave in. Actually, I'm surprised I made it this far.

Every week AFC East readers ask me in chats, our division mailbag and on Twitter, "Why aren't you picking games this year?" I did it for several seasons in the AFC North -- and was pretty good, by the way -- but was trying to stay away from it in my first year covering the AFC East.

But since I'm a man of the people, I'm going to give our readers what they want. So, in Week 11, here is the 2011 debut of "Walker's AFC East picks."


New York Jets (5-4) at Denver Broncos (4-5), Thursday at 8:20 p.m. ET

Walker's take: I will be honest: From a pure passing and mechanics standpoint, Tim Tebow is the worst quarterback I have in seen years. But I like that Denver is willing to tailor its offense to fit Tebow’s athleticism, which is pretty good. But the Jets have the perfect personnel to stop Denver’s “T-Bone” offense. As long as New York’s defense doesn’t get bored and quarterback Mark Sanchez doesn’t have a meltdown, the Jets will get back on the winning side.

Pick: Jets, 20-10

Buffalo Bills (5-4) at Miami Dolphins (2-7), Sunday at 1 p.m. ET

Walker's take: This game looked like an easy pick two weeks ago. Now, not so much. Kudos to the Bills for what they’ve accomplished so far. I’ll take Buffalo, barely, in what I think is a must-win game. Besides, if the Bills can’t beat the 2-7 Dolphins at this stage of the season, they don’t deserve to be a playoffs team.

Pick: Bills, 21-20

Kansas City Chiefs (4-5) at New England Patriots (6-3), Monday at 8:30 p.m. ET

Walker’s take: Tyler Palko or Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium? C’mon man!

Pick: Patriots, 28-7

Season record: 0-0

Projected record after this week: 3-0 (Duh!)