Parcells on Dolphins: 'I wish them well'

Former Miami Dolphins president Bill Parcells hasn't had much to say about his former team since departing earlier this year. But Parcells had a few comments on Miami this week in an interview with ESPN 760 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

"I wish them well," Parcells said of the Dolphins. "Maybe things can pick up here a little at the end of the year."

Miami is 3-8 this season with a roster Parcells and general manager Jeff Ireland put together. Some Dolphins fans are upset Parcells left the team in its current state. The team reportedly is paying the remainder of Parcells' $12 million contract that ends this season.

Parcells began to step aside last October when he stopped being part of Miami's day-to-day operations. He officially split with the Dolphins in the offseason and began an analyst job with ESPN last March.

Tony Sparano was Parcells' hand-pick selection to be the Dolphins' head coach in 2008. Miami is expected to make major changes after this season, and Sparano is expected to be fired.

Parcells is hopeful Sparano can turn it around.

"The bottom line in this business unfortunately is wins and losses, and unfortunately it hasn’t gone as everyone would have liked [it] to," Parcells said. "But there’s still some football left. Teams improve as they go, and maybe there’s a chance that can happen."