Did Bill Belichick take swipe at Colts?

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was on ESPN's "Mike and Mike" radio show Friday morning. Probably the most interesting comment from Belichick was about his quarterback -- Tom Brady -- and the comparison with the Indianapolis Colts, who are this week's opponent.

Belichick said there is no quarterback he'd rather have besides Brady. But Belichick also added he's proud "that without Tom Brady we still won 11 games in 2008. We have a program here."

Is Belichick suggesting the Colts do not have a program without quarterback Peyton Manning?

If so, I would agree with Belichick's subtle swipe at Indianapolis. It's clearly evident, as the Colts (0-11) haven't won a game without Manning under center. Indianapolis is a mess and was exposed without having a dominant quarterback.

Some think the Patriots would be in the same boat this season without Brady. There's no way of knowing that for sure unless Brady were injured. But the one time that's happened for a long period was in 2008, which Belichick referenced, and New England went 11-5 with former backup quarterback Matt Cassel.

I doubt New England would go 11-5 this season without Brady, but the Patriots wouldn't be 0-11, either.

It's interesting that Belichick tooted his own horn for something that happened three years ago. I'm sure New England's head coach is hopeful he doesn't have to put that "program" theory to the test again any time soon.