Incognito: Seymour ejection 'good call'

MIAMI -- Whether Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour officially threw a punch will be debated this week. But the recipient of the blow -- Dolphins guard Richie Incognito -- said the referees did the right thing by ejecting Seymour.

"It kind of came out of the blue and caught me by surprise," Incognito said in the locker room after the Dolphins' 34-14 victory. "The ref was standing right there and made a good call."

There was a lot of jawing and several minor scuffles between Oakland's defensive line and Miami's offensive line during the first half. The Dolphins were dominating the line of scrimmage. Miami rushed for 209 yards against Oakland.

Seymour eventually grew frustrated in the third quarter and put his hand in the face of Incognito. The referees, in an effort to keep the game under control, wasted no time throwing the flag and issuing the ejection. Expect the NFL to look into this play to determine if a fine is needed for Seymour.

Incognito was asked if he thought Seymour's shot to the head was a punch attempt.

"I'm not going to comment on this or that," Incognito said. "But the referees made the call and the decision was in his hands."