Will Patriots, Jets run the table?

The New England Patriots and New York Jets would greatly benefit from running the table in the final month of the season. New England (9-3) is trying to secure home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, while the Jets (7-5) are simply trying to get in as the final wild card in the AFC.

There is a chance New York and New England could both reach its goals with one loss. But neither team would rather take that chance.

Can the Patriots and/or Jets win their final four games? Here is a look at both schedules:

New England

  • At Washington (4-8)

  • At Denver (7-5)

  • Miami (4-8)

  • Buffalo (5-7)

New York

  • Kansas City (5-7)

  • At Philadelphia (4-8)

  • NY Giants (6-6)

  • At Miami (4-8)

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