DraftWatch: Dolphins, Bills still in top 10

Despite different results, the Miami Dolphins (5-10) and Buffalo Bills (6-9) remained in the top 10 of next April's NFL draft. The Dolphins blew a 17-point lead and lost to the New England Patriots, while the Bills controlled throughout in a convincing win over the Denver Broncos.

The Dolphins sit at No. 8 overall and Buffalo is No. 10 with just one game remaining. Both teams have tough games in Week 17. Miami will host the desperate New York Jets (8-7), while the Bills travel to face the Patriots (12-3). A loss by either team could result in a last-minute move up the draft board.

We've been writing for weeks that Miami will search for a quarterback. But that search took a huge hit when potential target Matt Barkley of USC decided to return for his senior season. Barkley was projected to be a top-10 pick and could have been a good fit in Miami. Now, the Dolphins have to hope Baylor's Robert Griffin III is available at No. 8 or decide if Oklahoma's Landry Jones is worth the pick if they want a first-round quarterback. Otherwise, Miami could address other needs and come back to quarterback in the later rounds.

Buffalo should be able to land a quality player at No. 10. The Bills have a lot of needs, but I think the Bills should focus on defense. An elite pass-rusher would be ideal, but those players usually go off the board very early. An offensive tackle could be a good secondary option if Buffalo doesn’t like what it sees defensively at No. 10.

Here is the top 10 after Week 16:

1. Colts 2-13

2. Rams 2-13

3. Vikings 3-12

4. Browns 4-11

5. Jaguars 4-11

6. Buccaneers 4-11

7. Redskins 5-10

8. Dolphins 5-10

9. Panthers 6-9

10. Bills 6-9