Sanchez, Fitz need to reduce turnovers

Turnovers are the quickest way to lose games and for quarterbacks to lose their jobs. Two AFC East quarterbacks have a lot to prove next season by improving in this department.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills were both in the top three in turnovers for quarterbacks, according to ESPN's Stats and Information. Sanchez had 26 turnovers (18 interceptions, eight lost fumbles), which was second in the NFL. Fitzpatrick was tied for third with 25 turnovers (23 interceptions, two lost fumbles).

One of the biggest criticisms with Fitzpatrick and Sanchez is both are streaky. One bad game can turn into several, which hurts the team's ability to be consistent. Sanchez had five multi-interception games, including three straight to end the 2011 season. Fitzpatrick had a whopping eight multi-interception games, which was half of his starts.

Neither team made the playoffs, in part, because the Jets and Bills couldn't overcome their quarterbacks' penchant for turnovers. New York finished 8-8, despite Super Bowl expectations. Buffalo started fast but finished 6-10.

It will be up to both starting quarterbacks to put their teams in better positions to succeed next season by taking care of the football. Sanchez and Fitzpatrick will definitely be in the hot seat if they remain in the top three in turnovers next season.