Walker's weekend mailbag: Patriots' WRs

Let's see what's in our AFC East inbox this week

Peter Engler from Cary, NC, writes: Do you think that the New England Patriots could/should trade up to pick WR Justin Blackmon?

James Walker: I do not, Peter. The Patriots' biggest needs are on defense. If they trade up and give up picks, it should be for a difference-maker on that side of the football. Receiver is a need, but it's not the most pressing need. I also think it is a hole that can be filled better in free agency with options as unrestricted free-agent Brandon Lloyd and restricted free-agent Mike Wallace.

Dueteronemy from Bedford writes: Do you think that the Patriots will go for a big wideout even if they lock up Wes Welker?

Walker: Size is not much of a concern in New England, Dueteronemy. Some teams think otherwise. But the Patriots' philosophy is you have to have two things at receiver: Good hands and the ability to get open. If you can't catch and/or get open, size and athleticism won't help much. New England has done a great job of finding receivers like Welker and Deion Branch over the years who are sure-handed and great at finding holes in the defense. The Patriots could use speed more than size. They have big enough targets with tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

Mike C from Brick, NJ, writes: If the Miami Dolphins determine Peyton Manning isn't healthy enough to play to his full potential and if they miss out on Matt Flynn, would you say it's a must for the Dolphins to move up and get RGIII?

Walker: If the Dolphins botch this scenario, Mike, then they probably will leave empty-handed. Robert Griffin III is going to be very hard to get. There are multiple teams interested in the No. 2 pick. So the Dolphins would have to come up with the sweetest package, which could require Miami to overpay. I don't think it's worth it for a rookie quarterback. Manning, if healthy, is a Hall of Famer who instantly makes your team a contender for the next two or three years. Flynn is a bit of an unknown, but I would take him over Matt Moore. So I think those are the most likely options.

Cody from Ada, Ohio, writes: If the Dolphins can land Peyton Manning, what are the chances Reggie Wayne could join the Dolphins as well to compliment Brandon Marshall?

Walker: Great question, Cody. Wayne is going to take the best offer monetarily and with playing time. But you have to consider any team Manning goes to as one of the favorites. Both reportedly spent time in Miami to workout, which is where Wayne went to college. The Dolphins have an opening at receiver, and a trio of Manning, Wayne and Marshall could be dangerous.

Joel from Allegany, NY, writes: Do the Buffalo Bills have any chance of signing Mario Williams?

Walker: Of course the Bills have a chance, Joel. But do they have a realistic chance? That's a tougher question. Buffalo needs a pass-rusher and Williams is the best on the market. However, Williams will get interest from plenty of teams. What can Buffalo offer Williams that will stand out? The city isn't desirable and the team isn't a winning program. Unless the Bills can overpay to the point where it catches Williams' attention, I would say it's unlikely.

Brian Perr from Penn Yan, NY, writes: Do you think Hines Ward would be a good pick up for the Bills ?

Walker: I do not, Brian. Ward is one of the best leaders and the toughest receiver I've ever covered. But the Bills need a No. 1 receiver who is fast, athletic and in his prime. Ward, 35, does not fit that description. The Bills need to re-sign Steve Johnson or find another receiver who can match or surpass that production. Ward isn't that player at this stage of his career.

Alasdair from CT wants to know if the New York Jets can trade linebacker Bart Scott for Osi Umenyiora.

Walker: No chance, Alasdair. There is a chance Scott lands with the reigning Super Bowl champs, but not by trading Umenyiora to the Jets. Scott's $4.2 million salary is fully guaranteed and makes him extremely difficult to trade. Other teams know the Jets need salary-cap space, so clubs will wait to see if Scott is released. Then, a team like the Giants can sign Scott to a lower salary without trading a player or draft pick.

George from CT writes: Do you think the Jets should go after a veteran receiver, perhaps Reggie Wayne?

Walker: George, I don’t think the Jets necessarily need a veteran receiver. I just think they need a speedy and athletic receiver who can stretch the field. That can come in the form of a veteran or top draft pick. Wayne wouldn't fit that mold. He's more of a possession receiver.

AFC East Homer of the Week

Our latest Homer of the Week is Boomer, a Jets fan who made some pretty entertaining comments in this week's chat. Here was his biggest homer statement:

Boomer from VA writes: Buffalo and Miami will both go 1-15 next year no matter what moves they make. New England will be 3-13. Jets, 23-0 counting the preseason and postseason.

Walker: Now that's a homer statement if I ever saw one, Boomer. The Jets will be so good that they won't even lose a preseason game? And the Bills, Dolphins and Patriots will go a combined 5-43? Congrats, Boomer, on being our latest AFC East Homer of the Week.