Walker's weekend mailbag

Let's see what's in our AFC East inbox this week

Roger from Boston, Mass., writes: Do you think the New York Jets will look at signing receiver Braylon Edwards this offseason?

James Walker: I think the Jets will look into it, Roger, but it's not a priority. Edwards is a starting-caliber receiver who is cost effective. So he has to be in consideration for the Jets. Edwards also was successful in New York with quarterback Mark Sanchez, who is now the Jets quarterback for at least the next few years.

Michael Romano from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., writes: What do you think the odds are the Jets draft someone to play opposite defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson in the first round?

Walker: Nose tackle Sione Pouha is the biggest priority right now, Michael. If Pouha hits free agency Tuesday, it could become problematic. I don't see the Jets going defensive end two years in a row. They have too many other needs. Jets defensive end Mike Devito will be healthy again and he's playing in a contract year. New York might count on him to bounce back next to Wilkerson in 2012.

JR from Tampa Bay writes: James, is your concern with the Miami Dolphins moving up to draft RG3 the cost of moving up alone? If he becomes an elite QB, wouldn't the two first-round picks plus a little extra be worth it?

Walker: It was more about what's realistic, JR. The Dolphins were not giving up three first-round picks like the Washington Redskins did to get Robert Griffin III. That just wasn't going to happen. Miami wants Peyton Manning first, Matt Flynn second.

Janel from Pittsburgh writes: If Miami gets Manning, I could see them drafting Ryan Tannehill in the second round and build the future around him when Peyton packs it up. What do you think about this?

Walker: That's solid, Janel. But there is a slim chance Tannehill falls to the second round. His stock is rising fast and most project him in the top 15. I don't see Miami drafting Tannehill at No. 8, especially if the Dolphins get Manning. But trading down may be an option if Miami gets any offers.

Tony from Rescue, Calif., wants to know what are the chances of the New England Patriots bringing back corner Asante Samuel.

Walker: The Eagles have been reportedly dangling Samuel as potential trade bait, but it's hard to gauge how serious they are. Because it's a trade, that would rule New England out. A trade means the Patriots would have to take on Samuel's big contract, which is why they let him go in the first place, and give up draft picks for him. New England can address its cornerback position in more cost-effective ways, such as the four draft picks in the first two rounds.

Ed from Queens Village, N.Y., writes: Why would Jets or Dolphins go after Peyton Manning? Wouldn't it be better to go with their current QBs, then two or three years down the road look to draft or sign QB?

Walker: Are you a Patriots fan, Ed? Just a guess.

Tom from Indianapolis writes: How do you see the contract situation with Buffalo Bills tailback Fred Jackson playing out?

Walker: The Bills said promised Jackson an extension, and I expect them to follow through. The trick is when will Buffalo do it? Should the Bills wait and go after some big names and outside free agents first? After that, the Bills can see what money is left over and go back to Jackson. Or should Buffalo take care of him now before free agency?

Joe from Buffalo wants to know if former Bills receiver Lee Evans will return.

Walker: I don't see it, Joe. Evans was traded because Buffalo wanted to go with some young receivers like David Nelson and Donald Jones. Evans didn't have a good year with the Baltimore Ravens and I think Buffalo came out on top of that trade.

Jason Boyne from Vilseck, Germany, writes: If Peyton Manning goes to the Dolphins, we have to have the "Manning-Brady Watch" this year!!

Walker: What a great idea, Jason! The Manning-Tom Brady debate has gone on forever. Both are finishing up their careers. It works if Manning signs in Miami or New York. That would be much better than our "Sanchez-Henne-Fitz-Moore Watch."

Comment and complaint department

Here are this week's comments and complaints in the AFC East:

Trevor from New York, N.Y., writes: James, Bills fan here. I'd like to say that I think you're absolutely correct about the Bills having trouble bringing in big free agents. I'm not sure why other Buffalo fans are jumping on you for that, I assume it's just a sensitive subject. It's pretty obvious why some free agents wouldn't want to come to Buffalo. However, I'm optimistic that the Bills will compete in the AFC East this year.

Walker: It’s good to know at least one Bills fan understands. I’m not sure why I’m getting a lot of heat for something that’s fact: The Bills struggle to attract big-name free agents. Look at their track record. And when I say Buffalo is not attractive city for free agents, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad town. It’s just not a place rich, 20-something, professional athletes want to live. It also hurts that the Bills are perennially a losing organization. Both work against them. I saw the same thing happen in Cleveland for years when I covered the Browns. They occasionally landed a top free agent by playing up the hometown angle and overpaying to get their attention. The Bills traditionally do not overpay. But they will have to this year if they want to make a splash.

Paul R. Thomas from Scottsboro, Ala., writes: If MIA is serious about building a team to compete for championships, it serious needs to evaluate QBs and not have a knee-jerk reaction and overpay for either Manning or Flynn. Manning might have three years if he is lucky and the Fins fix the OL. Flynn is a backup with limited game experience. How does Flynn compare with Matt Barkley or Landry Jones? I say fix the OL now and get a QB next year.

Walker: I don’t understand this logic, Paul. Are you saying Miami should tank another season to try to draft Jones or Barkley? Then, wait another two years for that rookie quarterback to develop? One thing that I totally disagree with most NFL coaches and general managers about is this old-school philosophy that it takes three, four or five years to build a winner. No it doesn't, not in today's NFL. Tell that to San Francisco or Cincinnati or Denver, which had zero expectations last year and made the playoffs. You try to do all you can to win now, because you don't know what's going to happen three or four years from now. All the coaches and front office could be fired by waiting that long to be good. The league is set up for every team to have a chance on any given year. The Dolphins should try to get Manning now (if healthy) and take their shot. They will be in contention for the next two or three years with Manniung. Miami can worry about 2015 in 2015.

Joe from N.Y. writes: The Jets had a poor year and much is written about them imploding, which they did. However, I think it has been overblown. For a team that imploded, they were 8-8 and in the playoff mix up until the Giant's game. Most teams that implode are out of it way before that and have losing records. If imploding gets you 8-8, imagine if they were just "slightly" dysfunctional? That would have probably got them at least a playoff appearance.

Walker: The team did legitimately implode, Joe. There some players who didn’t get along with others, and even coach Rex Ryan was unaware of how bad things became. The lack of chemistry and leadership finally showed on the field late in the year. The Jets have playoff talent, I think if the chemistry was better they would have won a couple extra games to get into the playoffs. That’s something they have to fix in the offseason. Ryan says he will.

AFC East Homer of the Week

Our latest homer is a Jets fan. Enjoy.

Ferko from Denver, Colorado, writes: Jets will go all out in free agency. It will start by cutting Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Wayne Hunter, Shonn Greene and Mark Sanchez. From there, we sign Peyton Manning, Mario Williams, Garcon, Colston, Landry and Mike Wallace. The following year we trade our first-round pick and the all-pro Garcon for the first-round pick of the 0-16 Browns (RG3 tears both ACLs on the first snap). From there we draft Matt Barkley who goes down in history as the greatest football player ever.

Walker: Ferko, buddy, I know the air is thin in Denver, but you really need to chill. I was thinking about not running this after the Sanchez extension late Friday night. But this homer post was just too classic to pass up. Congrats on being our "Homer of the Week."