Browns, not Dolphins, better for Tannehill?

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay made some interesting comments about the Miami Dolphins and quarterback Ryan Tannehill Thursday.

While at Texas A&M's pro day, McShay said on ESPN's "SportsCenter" that Tannehill is a legit top-10 pick, which has been debated many times. McShay also said the Cleveland Browns, not the Dolphins, are a better fit for the former Aggie.

Cleveland picks fourth, and Miami picks eighth.

"I would say the Browns, because they are a better team," McShay said when asked which team was a better fit for Tannehill. "They have better parts around the quarterback position. Miami, I'm not sure what the plan is when I look at the Miami organization. While they have Matt Moore and they brought in [David] Garrard, I just don't know if you want to bring in a young quarterback with everything else that’s going on in Miami."

Fellow ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. disagreed.

"I can see Cleveland taking [Tannehill], but I disagree with them being the best fit," Kiper said. "I think it's Miami. When you have [offensive coordinator] Mike Sherman there, you have familiarity, and there's some personnel. I think you're [McShay] underrating that personnel base a little bit. Granted they have to do some work in the draft, no question about that."

We're siding with Kiper on this one.

The Browns can't run, can't catch and can’t throw on offense. Miami lost some pieces this offseason (Brandon Marshall) but still has its 1,000-yard rusher in Reggie Bush and a pair of capable -- but not great -- receivers in Brian Hartline and Davone Bess. Plus, Sherman coached Tannehill in college, runs the same system, and knows the quarterback inside and out.

As far as the Browns being a better team, I ranked both very low on ESPN.com's Power Rankings. Miami was No. 31 and Cleveland was No. 32 on my ballot.