Jets have good track record with trades

The Tim Tebow trade with the Denver Broncos is one of the most high-profile acquisitions in recent memory for the New York Jets.

But will it be the best trade? That remains to be seen.

The Jets have made several big-name trades over the past five years. Here are the notable ones, courtesy of ESPN's Stats and Information:

  • March 2007: Acquired Thomas Jones & 2nd-round pick from Bears for 2nd-round pick

  • February 2008: Acquired Kris Jenkins from Panthers for 3rd & 5th-round picks

  • August 2008: Acquired Brett Favre & 7th-round pick from Packers for 3rd-round pick

  • February 2009: Acquired Lito Sheppard & 5th-round pick from Eagles for 5th-round pick and 2010 4th-round pick

  • October 2009: Acquired Braylon Edwards from Browns for Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik & 3rd and 5th-round picks

  • March 2010: Acquired Antonio Cromartie from Chargers for 2nd-round pick

  • April 2010: Acquired Santonio Holmes from Steelers for 5th-round pick

  • March 2012: Acquired Tim Tebow & 7th-round pick from Broncos for 4th & 6th-round picks

This is a solid track record with trades. Many have worked out for the Jets, at least to some degree. I would say the Jones and Jenkins trades probably brought back the most production. The Holmes and Cromartie trades also brought back two starters.

Where the Tebow trade fits in this remains to be seen. New York didn't give up much for Tebow -- just a fourth and a sixth-rounder -- but Tebow is a backup quarterback. Tebow’s toughness, character and athleticism will certainly add something to the Jets. New York just has to control the circus atmosphere and the potential for a quarterback controversy that comes with it.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has to do his job as the starter to make the Tebow trade work. If Sanchez is throwing well, that allows Tebow to run and do the Wildcat packages well. That combination could be trouble for the AFC East and the rest of New York's opponents next season.

"If nothing else, you have to prepare for it and spend time on it," Bills head coach Chan Gailey said at the owners meetings. "It takes preparation away from the base offense. If nothing else, it's a thorn in your side in preparation as far as how much time you give to it and what you're going to do against it."

Will the Tebow trade be among the best moves the Jets made in recent years? There is potential for everything to fall in place -- and apart -- for New York.