Poll Friday: Best QB career?

We have another interesting edition of "Poll Friday" in the AFC East. The question: Excluding Tom Brady, which division quarterback will go on to have the best NFL career?

We have some intriguing choices in the AFC East. Let’s start with the New York Jets. Will Mark Sanchez or backup Tim Tebow thrive and have the best career? Sanchez enters the season as the starter, but there will be plenty of pressure from Jets fans and media to replace Sanchez if he plays like he did last year. Will it be Tebow time once again?

Or will Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills put in all together. Fitzpatrick is known to be streaky. He can play three or four great games and follow it up with the same amount of poor games. Can Fitzpatrick stay consistent the rest of his career and be worthy of his $59 million contract extension?

What about Matt Moore of the Miami Dolphins? He proved a lot of doubters wrong last year by going 6-3 in his final nine games. Will Moore beat out veteran David Garrard in Miami next season and prove to be the long-term solution for the Dolphins?

Who would you choose? Using our SportsNation poll, vote on which quarterback will have the best career in the NFL. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.