Thoughts on Jets, WRs and Michael Floyd

Wide receiver is one of the deepest areas of this year's NFL draft, and the New York Jets need a starting receiver. Sounds like we have a match.

On Monday ESPN.com's blogger mock draft pegged Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd to New York at No. 16. ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay talked about the possibility of Floyd to New York earlier this week.

"I mean, if you're going to run the football and be successful, you've got to have the threat of the pass. If Michael Floyd was there [at No. 16], I think he would fit very well in terms of a compliment, and what, I believe, they need on this roster. You start to look at what they have. Chaz Schilens opposite Santonio Holmes, and Jeremy Kerley, doesn't strike a lot of fear. I get it. You're in the lineup and run the football, but you've got to back defenses off, unless this becomes the Tebow show and they turn into the Denver Broncos from a year ago which is a whole other story."

McShay went on to elaborate by saying there could be other great options available in the second and third rounds. The Jets have other needs, such as right tackle and safety. But is Floyd the best fit for New York?