Poll: Buffalo Bills' left tackle?

The Buffalo Bills have done a great job this offseason. But one huge hole that remains is Buffalo's starting left tackle spot.

Left tackle is one of the most important and highest-paid positions in the NFL. Buffalo tried to get away with playing three players at the position last year and it didn't work. The Bills need a stable, long-term solution at left tackle for the betterment of their offense and starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. One option, former Bill Demetrius Bell, was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday.

So what will Buffalo do to protect Fitzpatrick's blindside next season? Pick an answer in our latest SportsNation poll.

The Bills have two possibilities on their roster: Chris Hairston and Andy Levitre. Hairston is raw and inexperienced, but he has all the measurable. Levitre can do the job, but Buffalo would be taking one of the top guards in the AFC out of his natural position.

There is also the NFL draft. Buffalo holds the No. 10 overall pick and could consider a left tackle in the first three rounds. There isn't much left in free agency, but the Bills still have cap room.

Using our SportsNation poll, vote on what Buffalo will do next season at left tackle. You can also share your thoughts in the comments section below.