Tony Sparano on Dolphins vs. Jets Wildcat

The New York Jets are expected to have an extensive Wildcat package this season. New York acquired former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who has experience with the read-option offense in college and the pros.

New Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano unleashed the Wildcat on the NFL several years ago with the Miami Dolphins. Sparano used two running backs – Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams -- in Miami, and he talked about the differences this week with using Tebow, a quarterback, in New York.

"With Ricky (Williams) and Ronnie (Brown), the reason that we had to do it in Miami at that time was those were really our two best players at that point, and part of the philosophy was to get the two best players on the field at the same time. And in doing so, we created some matchup problems that way. I think the difference (with Williams and Brown) is there was very little element of pass involved in that, where obviously with Tim, that's a different element. So if we decide to go down that road, the element of being able to throw the football out of that brings a complete different dynamic into the picture here."

If effective, Tebow is expected to take some pressure off starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and add a unique element to the running game. Tebow averaged 5.4 yards per carry in 2011, and has the athleticism and toughness to move the chains.

Many feel there is a brewing quarterback controversy in New York. But Sparano thinks Sanchez will respond fine with fewer snaps. Tebow could get anywhere between 1-20 plays per game, depending on the game plan and opponent.

"I'm not concerned about that, no, I don't think so," Sparano said. "I think with all the work that we'll be doing between now and the time the season starts and all the steps, I think we have to remember that Mark, he's been under center here for a lot of games, for the three years that he's been here, and I think that between now and training camp and through training camp (with) all the snaps that Mark will get, I think we'll be in good shape."