Chat recap: Tannehill, Rex Ryan and more

In case you missed it, here is a recap of some of the many topics we covered in this week's AFC East chat.

Eric: Matt Moore is doomed either way. What's the point, if we're gonna suck anyway, of NOT starting Ryan Tannehill now? Let him face adversity. I'm tired of "rebuilding" every, single year.

James Walker: Because it's the job of the coaching staff to play the players who give the team the best chance to win. Despite what fans and media say, every team thinks it can compete for the playoffs at the start of the season. Tannehill doesn't give Miami the best chance to do that this year. Maybe in Year 2 or Year 3. Moore or [David] Garrard is the safe choice while Tannehill learns.

JonK13: Hey James, I've heard coach Philbin is coaching a very upbeat offense down there in South Beach. Do you think Miami will be in shape to start the season or will they be gassed the first 7 games like last year?

James Walker: If the Dolphins players aren't in shape, they better get there. Miami is running more up-tempo on offense, at least that's what it looks like in practice. Miami wants to put pressure on the defense. That can be good and bad. It could lead to quick points if you're moving the chains. Or it could lead to a lot of quick three-and-outs and expose your defense. It worked in Green Bay. So HC Joe Philbin is trying it in Miami.

Matt: As it stands right now, do you think the Buffalo Bills' receiving corps is talented enough to be competitive and score enough points this season? Specifically, do you think T.J. Graham is enough of a vertical threat upgrade?

James Walker: It would be nice if Buffalo found a proven No. 2 receiver to go with Steve Johnson. But the Bills can't plug every hole. I think they did a solid job of re-signing Johnson at a price they were comfortable with and drafting a left tackle on offense. Those were two big things the Bills needed this offseason. It's too early to project what Graham can do. The Bills are hoping for the best, but we have to wait and see.

Diddy: Never mind Chan Gailey, any chance Rex Ryan is on the hot seat if the NYJ fail to make the playoffs again this year? And are the owners starting to get tired of his big mouth?

James Walker: I don't get this one. Rex Ryan is not on the hot seat. He hasn't had a losing season yet in New York and went to back-to-back AFC title games. Say what you want about his brash and sometimes empty talk. I critique him all the time about that. But Ryan is a quality coach.

Emotionless negotiator: Doesn't this sort of behavior engender a lot of ill will from the players over time? New England is getting a rep for treating dedicated players horribly.

James Walker: It can and probably does. But the Patriots are consistent and always doing what's best for the team, not the player. I think as long as you're going to Super Bowls, it doesn't really matter. Do Patriot fans really care that Willie McGinest is still upset years later? Probably not.