Jaworski ranks Mark Sanchez No. 23

ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski doesn't think much of the AFC East quarterbacks. "Jaws" just started ranking his top 30 quarterbacks last week, and four are in his bottom eight.

Jaworski rated Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets Monday as the 23rd-best quarterback in the NFL. Sanchez joins Jets teammate Tim Tebow (No. 30), Matt Moore (No. 26) of the Miami Dolphins, and Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills (No. 24) as quarterbacks ranked in the bottom third of the league.

We had an interesting Twitter discussion Sunday with AFC East fans on how they would rank quarterbacks in the division. Brady was the consensus No. 1, but pretty much everyone disagree on their top five after that.

According to Jaworski, it's Tom Brady, Sanchez, Fitzpatrick, Moore and finally Tebow in the AFC East.

Do you agree or disagree? Provide your top-five AFC East quarterbacks in the comment section below.