Simms: Patriots have seen Broncos' D

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

CBS Sports color commentator Phil Simms will call Sunday's game at Invesco Field between the New England Patriots and undefeated Denver Broncos.

The former New York Giants quarterback shared his thoughts on a contest that will help sort out the AFC hierarchy.

Simms on how the teams match up:

"The big thing in the game when you watch the Patriots play is that New England gets on the field, and they stay on the field a long time with their offense. That really hurt all their opponents and even the Jets, who beat them. They tire your defense out, and now your offense is always on the sideline as you're watching Tom Brady complete another third-and-4 or third-and-5.

"I think New England sees the type of defense Denver's running. They've seen it over the years with Baltimore, and some with the Jets with Eric Mangini. So they'll be a little more prepared to play it than some of the other teams have to this point. I'm really interested to see how the New England Patriots react to Denver's defense."

More on Denver's defense:

"Everybody's asking all the time how has Denver's defense changed so much? Well, it's changed so much because they've changed. They got a lot of new personnel. You know, they brought in Brian Dawkins. They brought in people like Darrell Reid, who other guys don't know about. They got draft picks, and the scheme has changed. So there's nothing they're doing that resembles anything they tried to do last year, and, of course, the results have been fantastic.

"So when it doesn't work you do two things: Get a different coach and get new personnel. Denver did both"