Deadline looming for Dolphins rookies

There are only three rookies left unsigned in the AFC East and all three are with the Miami Dolphins.

Miami’s first- and third-round picks still do not have contracts leading into the week of training camp. Expect business to pick up fast, with rookies and veterans expected to report on Thursday.

No. 8 overall pick and quarterback of the future Ryan Tannehill, defensive end Olivier Vernon and tight end Michael Egnew are the three players Miami doesn’t have under contract. These three players are considered future building blocks of the team.

Tannehill's presence is particularly important. Although a long shot, he is in a three-way quarterback competition this summer with Matt Moore and David Garrard. Tannehill's slim chances will decrease to virtually zero if he misses time in training camp.

The AFC East blog will begin its training camp tour in our headquarters in Miami later this week.