Jets keep sending wrong message

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan says there will be no chemistry issues in his locker room this year. But the team keeps sending the wrong message in that regard.

Things got ugly Monday in Cortland, N.Y., when a huge brawl broke out at Jets camp. According to media members in attendance, about 20 players were involved. It reportedly started when Jets backup running back Joe McKnight was pushed out of bounds by defensive back D’Anton Lynn, and it took off from there.

This is another bad sign for a team that imploded at the end of last season. Yes, fights happen in training camp. The New England Patriots just had a couple scuffles last week. But the Jets need to prove more than any other team that things are fine in their locker room.

In addition to Monday's fight, there was cornerback Antonio Cromartie's controversial comments about being the second-best receiver on the Jets. New York’s receivers didn’t take the comment lightly and it sparked more tension between the offense and the defense.

Ryan is on the spot this year and responsible for keeping his locker room in order. He admittedly dropped the ball in that regard last season and says it won't happen again. It's time for Ryan to fix these issues right now, before it gets worse.