Week 6 power rankings: AFC East

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

ESPN.com's Week 6 power rankings are out.

The Buffalo Bills managed to stay out of the dirty 30s despite their abysmal 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns were No. 29 last week, six spots below the Bills. With the loss, the Bills dropped only two spots to No. 25, while the Browns remained behind them at No. 26.

The New England Patriots and New York Jets each dropped four slots. No other teams slipped farther from Week 4's rankings.

Here is how the AFC East falls in the latest rankings, drawn up by ESPN.com senior writers John Clayton and Jeffri Chadiha, AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky and NFC West blogger Mike Sando.

No. 9 New York Jets

  • Last week's rating: No. 5

  • Best rating: No. 7 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 12 (Clayton)

  • Note: The Jets continued their ascension up the rankings even after the New Orleans Saints beat them in Week 4. Improving with a loss wasn't going to happen two weeks in a row, but they're still the fourth-best team in the AFC.

No. 10 New England Patriots

  • Last week's rating: No. 6

  • Best rating: No. 8 (Kuharsky)

  • Worst rating: No. 13 (Clayton)

  • Note: The Patriots return to the position they held after losing to the Jets in Week 3. They are the fifth-best team in the AFC.

No. 18 Miami Dolphins

  • Last week's rating: No. 21

  • Best rating: No. 16 (Sando)

  • Worst rating: No. 19 (Clayton, Kuharsky)

  • Note: The three-spot improvement was tied for third for the biggest upgrade of the week. The Cincinnati Bengals climbed five spots, and the Seattle Seahawks went up four spots.

No. 25 Buffalo Bills

  • Last week's rating: No. 23

  • Best rating: No. 24 (Chadiha)

  • Worst rating: No. 27 (Sando)

  • Note: For some reason, the pollsters don't want to drop the Bills much this year. They held the No. 21 slot in each version of the power rankings since May until last week, when they were knocked down only two spots despite a pathetic display against a team ranked below them. Same thing this week.