QBR: AFC East turned upside down

It's funny how things work in the NFL.

Last week, quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills and Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins combined for six interceptions and had a pair of horrible games. Meanwhile, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets were stellar.

This week, the quarterback performances in the AFC East were turned upside down.

It was Fitzpatrick and Tannehill who played well in Week 2, and Brady and Sanchez struggled. It reflected in the Total Quarterback Rating this week.

Here are the QBR results for the division:

  • Fitzpatrick, Bills: 88.3

  • Tannehill, Dolphins: 76.2

  • Sanchez, Jets: 46.5

  • Brady, Patriots: 30.6

"Good Fitz" was bound to show up again after "Bad Fitz" put up a horrific performance in Week 1 against the Jets. Fitzpatrick is one of the streakiest quarterbacks in the NFL, and you never know what to expect week to week. On Sunday he threw for an efficient 178 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions in a win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tannehill wisely let tailback Reggie Bush do the heavy lifting in a win over the Oakland Raiders. But the rookie also made some key throws to gain 200 yards and two scores (one rushing, one passing).

How Brady could have a lower QBR than Sanchez is baffling. Sanchez could hardly complete a pass in the second half. Perhaps Brady's lone interception made the difference.