Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch

The race to determine the second-best quarterback in the AFC East continues to heat up.

Let's check out the latest "Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch" after Week 5:

Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

Result: L, 23-17 against Houston

Stats: 14-of-31, 230 yards, one TD, two INTs

QBR: 10.0

Thoughts: I disagree with this QBR. Sanchez didn't play that poorly. The completion percentage was bad, but many of those incompletions were batted balls or drops by receivers. I’m far from a Sanchez apologist, but he had virtually no supporting cast against one of the top three or four teams in the NFL on Monday night. The Jets couldn’t run the ball, Sanchez doesn’t have a lot of time to throw or good receivers to throw to. All things considered, I thought Sanchez hung in there and did a decent job with what he has.

Grade: C+

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills

Result: L, 45-3 against 49ers

Stats: 16-of-26, 126 yards, one INT

QBR: 44.1

Thoughts: Any time your team loses by 42 points, it's hard to provide any glowing reviews on the quarterback. Fitzpatrick wasn’t the biggest reason the Bills lost to the 49ers last week. But Fitzpatrick was not part of the potential solution. He didn’t make any big plays or complete long passes downfield to ignite his team. The Bills overall are in a funk, and it is part of Fitzpatrick's job as a starting quarterback to get his team out of it.

Grade: D

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

Result: W, 17-13 against Bengals

Stats: 17-of-26, 223 yards

QBR: 79.7

Thoughts: Tannehill continues to show growth with another solid road performance against a decent Bengals team. Tannehill didn’t throw for a ton of yards this time but made some big-time throws and had zero turnovers. The thing I like most about Tannehill is he doesn’t appear rattled. He stands tall in the pocket and takes hits to make plays. The Dolphins can surprise some people if their rookie quarterback plays like this every week.

Grade: B+

This week’s winner: Tannehill (three points)

Second place: Sanchez (two points)

Third place: Fitzpatrick (one point)

Overall 2012 standings

First: Tannehill (11 points)

Second: Fitzpatrick (10 points)

Third: Sanchez (nine points)

The rookie is leading the three-way quarterback battle after five games. Can Tannehill keep it up?

Stay tuned next week for another installment of the "Sanchez-Fitzpatrick-Tannehill Watch."