Morning take: Bills vs. Chris Johnson

Here are the most interesting stories Thursday in the AFC East:

Morning take: Johnson has become an inconsistent player but is still capable of big games. This is a tricky game for Buffalo, which cannot overlook Johnson and the Titans.

Morning take: Earlier this week I examined whether the Patriots have lost their clutch gene. All three losses this year have come by two points or fewer. These are usually the games New England wins.

  • When the New York Jets win, it quiets talk of Mark Sanchez versus Tim Tebow.

Morning take: This is a true statement. Quarterbacks are judged mostly on wins and losses. As long as Sanchez gets victories, he will be in the starting lineup.

Morning take: Hartline briefly led the NFL in receiving yards before teams started paying attention. Now, Hartline is finding trouble getting open with the extra coverage, but it has opened things up for other receivers.