No more excuses for Mario Williams

Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams had corrective surgery to fix pain in his injured wrist that is causing his poor play. After the surgery, there should be no more excuses from Williams.

Williams is expected to return for Buffalo’s next game Nov. 4 against the Houston Texans (6-1). The Bills (3-4) are struggling and desperately need their most dynamic and highest-paid defender to show up, no less against his former team.

The bar is very high for Williams, who has underachieved after signed a $100 million contract. With the exception of a game or two, Williams has virtually disappeared. He claimed the illegal use of hands to the face shut him down against the New York Jets. Williams also used his wrist injury as the reason he hasn’t been consistent.

Now that the wrist is taken care of, Williams has run out of excuses. He will be a healthier player, and it’s time to play good, solid football for the Bills before it’s too late.