Who is Miami's No. 2 QB? Sparano backs White

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano dodged the question.

White A reporter wanted to know who the Dolphins' No. 2 quarterback is.

"I hope you don't need to see that," Sparano said Wednesday. "That would mean something good didn't happen. So we will see."

Unlike almost every other NFL team, folks can't identify who the Dolphins' real second-string quarterback is by looking at the inactive report before a game, when teams designate a third quarterback for emergencies.

Because the Dolphins use rookie scrambler Pat White in some of their offensive packages, he was listed as the second quarterback at the beginning of the season and Chad Henne listed as the third quarterback.

But everyone knew Henne would be the starter if a bad injury were to befall starter Chad Pennington. In Week 3, Pennington suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

Tyler Thigpen, who started 11 games for the Kansas City Chiefs last year, now is listed as the Dolphins' third quarterback.

While Sparano wouldn't clarify the quarterback depth chart, he did express confidence in White's abilities to step in for Henne if necessary.

"He is ready," Sparano said. "He has done a good job. In the last couple of weeks, with Pat getting a lot of the work, I have been really impressed with what he has done from a mental standpoint right now, how he has gotten through some progression stuff.

"I really think he has done a nice job. He has great command right now. His [playbook] might be smaller than Henne's and certainly smaller than [Pennington's]. I feel like that is starting to catch up now. He is starting to have command of many more things. More things than when we started in Week 1."