Do Bills have a chance against Patriots?

I rarely lean solely on statistics. I think emotion, streakiness, matchups, injuries and other factors play into who wins and loses in the NFL on a weekly basis.

But sometimes statistics and trends are too hard to ignore. That is certainly the case when it comes to Sunday’s game between the Buffalo Bills (3-5) and New England Patriots (5-3).

ESPN Stats & Information is always on top of its game. Its talented research staff put together some harrowing statistics if you’re a Bills fan.

Here are several stats to ponder:

  • For starters, the Patriots have won 17 of the past 18 overall meetings with the Bills, including 11 straight in New England.

  • Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is 19-2 in his career against the Bills. It’s the second-best record of any quarterback against one team since the NFL merger in 1970.

  • Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown an interception once every 8.6 attempts on throws 15 yards or longer, which is the worst in the NFL. Brady has just three interceptions in 209 attempts.

Based strictly on numbers and trends, the Bills don’t have a chance Sunday. Buffalo has gone to Gillette Stadium for more than a decade and left with a loss every time.

But games are decided on the field, not by statistics. Buffalo will be huge underdogs but has a chance to change its misfortunes Sunday.