Poll results: Chan Gailey won't return

Remember the days of "Yes we Chan"?

Well, that seems like a distant memory now that Buffalo is 5-8.

It didn't take long for votes to pour in this week from disgruntled Bills fans. As soon as we posed the question about Chan Gailey's future, the poll immediately shifted in favor of firing Buffalo's head coach.

Perhaps the emotion of last week's heartbreaking, 15-12 loss to the St. Louis Rams heavily factored in. Buffalo fans were emotional after Gailey made a series of coaching gaffes, including not giving dynamic tailback C.J. Spiller the football in a close game. This loss was on Gailey.

Only about 23 percent voted to keep Gailey or at least wait until the end of the season to make up their minds. My prediction is Buffalo will wait until these final three games. Gailey still has a chance to post his best coaching record in Buffalo if he wins seven or eight games. That would be a selling point for Gailey, who could say the team is improving. The Bills were 4-12 and 6-10 in his first two seasons.

But the Bills must ask themselves this question: Is Gailey improving as a head coach? That answer could determine if Gailey returns for a fourth season in 2013.