Tim Tebow situation has become toxic

The New York Jets and quarterback Tim Tebow need a separation as soon as possible, because this failed experiment is progressively getting worse.

The latest is ESPNNewYork.com's report Sunday night that Tebow asked out of the Jets' Wildcat package earlier this week. New York used receiver Jeremy Kerley, instead of Tebow, in the gimmick formation during a 27-17 loss to the San Diego Chargers.

Throughout his entire career and stay with the Jets, Tebow has always had a "whatever is best for the team" mentality. He's played in the Wildcat and even on special teams as a punt protector this year without complaint.

But something changed in Tebow this week after he learned he was passed over by third-string quarterback Greg McElroy. Tebow, who clearly felt swindled and overlooked, reportedly told Jets coaches he no longer wanted to be part of New York's Wildcat.

Even Tebow has a little rough side, and it took the Jets to bring it out of him.

Now we have another toxic situation in New York's locker room. The Jets do not view Tebow as a starting quarterback and Tebow no longer wants to be a gimmick in New York's awful offense. We also have reports that it's a "virtual certainty" Tebow will leave the Jets next season for his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars. The timing of these reports is not coincidental.

Next week's regular-season finale against the Buffalo Bills cannot come soon enough for the Jets (6-9) or Tebow. Both sides should make the best of this final week and prepare to part ways immediately afterward.