Morning take: Doug Marrone's contract

Here are the most interesting stories Monday in the AFC East:

Morning take: There were mixed reactions for the signing, but Marrone deserves a chance to show Bills fans what he can do. The first order of business is hiring a coaching staff.

Morning take: This should be a good rematch from the regular season. It will be key for New England not to be overconfident from its 42-14 pounding of Houston in December.

  • The Miami Dolphins will only get one pick from the Indianapolis Colts in the Vontae Davis trade.

Morning take: Davis suffered through injuries and didn’t play 65 percent of the snaps this season. Miami could have earned an extra late-round pick but will have to settle for the Colts’ second-rounder, which isn’t bad.

  • The New York Jets are stuck with quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Morning take: I wrote this a year ago. The Jets won't be able to afford another high-priced option until Sanchez is off the roster. Maybe a draft pick and cheap veteran can come in and compete.