Jets wrong to drag out Tebow-mania

Even the new regime with the New York Jets dreams about a Tim Tebow trade that probably won’t happen.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Jets general manager John Idzik will hold onto Tebow until at least mid-March to see if he can get value in return for the popular backup quarterback.

But here's the harsh truth the Jets refuse to accept: Tebow has little or no trade value.

Tebow is a struggling backup quarterback who can’t throw with accuracy and comes with an immense following. That, as the Jets found out in 2012, has the potential to be a huge distraction. The AFC East blog recently explored position changes for Tebow, which is the best chance to prolong his NFL career.

Why the Jets would extend Tebow-mania in New York is baffling. This experiment was a disaster from the start and it’s time to let it go. The best the Jets can probably get is a seventh-round pick. Is that worth another month or so of Tebow questions, Tebow distractions and Tebow headlines for New York during the offseason?

The smart thing for the Jets to do is release Tebow and get it over with. This was a huge mistake by former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Yet, Idzik wants to keep this problem around longer than necessary.

Idzik has a solid NFL pedigree. But some of his preliminary decisions have been questionable. So far, Idzik upset his best player (Darrelle Revis) by refusing to deny trade rumors, says he’s “comfortable” with embattled quarterback Mark Sanchez, and is holding out hope to swindle another team for a Tebow trade.

The Jets have a lot of cleaning up to do this offseason, and this is not a good start.