Reviewing recent history of No. 8 pick

The Buffalo Bills will kick off the NFL draft for the AFC East in April. Buffalo owns the highest pick in the division at No. 8 overall.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the recent history of the No. 8 pick and what this could mean for Buffalo.

The No. 8 overall pick hasn't been fruitful overall in the past five years. None of these players have developed into franchise-caliber stars, although Tannehill from the 2012 draft appears to have the most potential of the group.

What does this mean for the Bills? It means No. 8 can be a tricky pick.

Recent history shows this is a spot where teams could reach, especially for a quarterback. Locker and Tannehill were both projected to go lower, but the need trumped the grades in Tennessee and Miami, respectively. That strategy hasn't worked out in Tennessee, but it may work in Miami.

The Bills are in a similar position where they also could reach for a quarterback at No. 8. In fact ESPN draft guru Todd McShay currently has Buffalo taking West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith in the first round. I think this is a dangerous year to try that approach due to a weak quarterback class, but it is the biggest need Buffalo has.

Are players like Smith, Mike Glennon, Matt Barkley or Tyler Wilson worth the No. 8 pick? It’s up to the Bills to decide if they like a quarterback at that spot or will look to fill another position in the first round like linebacker or wide receiver.