Bills QB: 'We're trying to make the playoffs'

The Buffalo Bills began their offseason workout program Tuesday with newfound excitement after a disappointing 2012 campaign. In addition to an entirely new coaching staff, led by rookie head coach Doug Marrone, Buffalo added more motivation to turn its struggling franchise around.

According to the team's Twitter account, the Bills put up four AFC Championship banners from 1990-93 in their training facility. You can see the picture here.

The goal is to let players know that a new standard has been set in Buffalo under the new coaching staff.

"Everyone who steps foot in this building knows what the expectations are,” Bills tailback C.J. Spiller said, according to the team's Twitter account.

Bills quarterback Tarvaris Jackson took it a step further. He mentioned the "P" word Tuesday on the first day of workouts.

“We’re trying to make the playoffs,” said Jackson, who will compete with veteran Kevin Kolb for the starting quarterback job in training camp.

Buffalo was a stylish pick to make the postseason last year after signing big-name free agents such as defensive end Mario Williams. However, the Bills crashed under the high expectations, finished 6-10 and had one of their most disappointing seasons in recent memory.

This year outside expectations are much lower for the Bills. They are a team in transition, which includes a new head coach, new offensive and defensive coordinators and a new quarterback. But internally, the Bills are keeping their expectations high.